One cowboy boots!

The best cowboy boots ever

Waiting in the airport with my crocodile bags

June 7, 2013

I was in the airport, my plane to San Francisco fly the seven am of the next day so I will sleep in the place; I took all my suitcases and lay down in it. In front of a cowboy boots and crocodile bags store. The first thing I think is why someone put this kind of store in an airport and who buy these products, but there be someone. I slept for a half  a hour and wake up I was very uncomfortable so I went to other place, slept some minutes and once again I woke up, I can´t sleep in the floor and in the benches of the airport it was only the ten o clock in the night.  So start to walk around the place, I store of magazines was opened so I enter bought one and star reading, it was a locally art magazine, all the people were from San Francisco, in that edition was focus on street art, graffiti, stencil, mural decorations. It was a good magazine and the photos were even better.

A wall painter that appear in the magazine was called storm, and he paint all the houses of his family with different themes, in one house he based the paint in medicine because all in civilians that lived there, were doctor. In other house he painted police men and firemen. In mostly of the houses he painted scenes of this professionals working, the doctors house, had a huge operating room and a group of doctors operating a person, it was cool.

Storm, the artist paint a tall building, it was his more ambitious work, it was like a jungle but with a desert combined, it was strange but attractive. It took 3 years to paint this building and lots of liters of paint. He had the sponsor of a recognize trademark of paint to complete this project. In the photo that appear in the magazine he was wearing a pair of  cowboy boots  and a red cap, the middle of his face was covered with a black napkin that says: I´m storm and I came in peace.

The other artist were good but they don´t have big projects like storm. They were starting to build their street art referents. One girl was named crocodile bags, she doesn´t explain why that name, she only talks about his work, and she mostly of his paints were based in the animal suffering and all that stuff.

The night passes really fast, I leave my suitcases and enter the passengers room, where I have more things to see like the plains starting their fly, lot of people waiting while they were drinking a coffee, so I enter to a coffee shop called Nice try, and ask for a espresso, I drink it and finish my waiting there eating a really good breakfast, a pair of eggs with beacon and a cup of orange juice. So the time passes, my fly was ready and I get up the plane and the first thing I did, was to fall sleep.


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