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16-Year-old Jasmine Zarate, the Regional San Martín Hidalgo high school student, knows what you want to study: psychology.  It is firme in its decision while their families 'want you curse medicine'. Another, is that she wants to prepare in the University Centre of the high (CUAltos), but her parents "don't let her". And although still a couple of years left to convince them, jasmine, with a still children smile, says "will yield".  The cries of "one of Psychology!" to get a brochure with information on the race and the jostling for the various academic offers of almost 38 institutions of higher education, abounded in the corridors of the seventh Expo professions that took place the last 4 and 5 October in the facilities of the Salón de usos múltiples technology of the University of Guadalajara.   and cowboy boots

Degrees that ranged from urban development and environment, through professional media in the Visual Arts, oriented in photography, to careers in gastronomy and modeling, were part of the sea of opportunities as the nearly seven thousand adolescents who attended the two-day, where were able to learn them to make a decision, on which its future depends. That was one of the objectives of this event: "give first hand information which serve them," said the head of vocational orientation of the unit of student welfare of the coordination of student services of the Universidad de Guadalajara, Judith Naples Echauri.  In addition to the printed information that exhibitors, the Expo gave professions hosted a series of conferences on each University and various key vocational orientation modules to find out what you want to be "when".  And is that, according to Gilberto González Torres, who is a Professor of philosophy in high school 12, when teens are attending the fifth semester and "realize that are no longer as adults", have no idea of what they want to be.  Then, says who has daily contact with young people, take options under the influence of the family: "have to be by tradition, that the Pope wants to, and another part is by that are induced by friends; few are those who actually make their decisions and know where they are heading", he added"know nothing about your abilities or skills and they can't say what they can." But Jasmine has no problems with it. High school attending, have applied you vocational examinations and believes in the results: "did us a test, a test, where we saw what skills we had to study and I realized that the mine were for social and human sciences".


The Seems to be safe from those skills, why chose Psychology: "I like much help people, live with people, I feel that I interact much with that". As for the offer of the House of studies, Naples Echauri said centers that have had a greater demand for careers information have been in university centres of science of health, of economic and Administrative Sciences, and the social sciences and humanities. He said in that regional University centres have "drawn attention among the attendees is another option they have, especially in races that are on demand in the Guadalajara metropolitan area", as jasmine, expected to go to the CUAltos, or as hundreds of young people who met that day, which came with handfuls of pamphlets and seized to cotorrear and to take relaxation before becoming adults. bags for women